Product Featuresú║
    í˝ Special equipment from SR USA, Unique Technology;
    í˝ Good material;
    í˝ High precision of the dimension, good welding and rivet strength;
    í˝ Anti-corrosion with tin plating;
    í˝ Design a special chaplet for anti-leakage;
    í˝ Stable quality; high consistency.
Market Served
í˝Automobile    í˝Machine tool
í˝Locomotive    í˝Pump
í˝Valve         í˝Boiler etc
Product Category
í˝Preglued chaplet
í˝Perforated chaplet  
í˝Double-head chaple
í˝Radiator chaplet
í˝Seperator chaplet
í˝Motor chaplet
í˝Triple-head chaplet
í˝Clip          í˝Filter
í˝Hinge tube    í˝Chill
í˝Tube          í˝Box chaplet
Chaplet aka
í˝Cast top         í˝Cast nail
í˝Cast the card    í˝Casting clip
í˝To the top of the core
í˝Low carbon steel í˝Stainless stee
í˝Aluminum         í˝Copper
New Products
í˝Tin plating surface treatment
    for gasification úČ
    Prevent rust, prevent leakage.
í˝High precision, no fold,
    no core shift
Slag filter
Launch a movement brace
Dividing chaplet
The pipe
Cassette chaplet
The hinge tube
Cold iron
Spiral chaplet
Three chaplet
Thrust chaplet
Double chaplet
Core gripper
 :  :  :
Advance with rubber core support
 :  :  :
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